L.A. Street Legal needs you to get involved.

Los Angeles County will be losing more tracks as time goes on. We have seen the number of tracks shrink over the past decades for land and home development projects.  The reflection of this is a steady rise in street racing fatalities and accidents on our highways and local streets.

Terminal Island, CA offers a unique location to develop a motorsports park.  The area is public land managed by the Los Angeles Harbor Comission for the citizens of the City of Los Angeles and is within an industrial area that unlikely to have it's zoning changed.

How can you help?

Register to vote, write letters/emails to your local city representatives and your neighbors to open a facility on Terminal Island. Donate your time and tell a friend to participate at LA Street Legal rallies and local city meetings to voice your needs. Politicians need to know what their citizens want and that starts with YOU!

If you feel that Project Street Legal - Terminal Island Raceway is worth your time, please help us spread the word about the project. Feel free to download and print any of the attached documents below.

PSL wants you


You can also contact your local city council member and tell them how you feel about this project.  Follow the link below to locate your Los Angeles City Council member.  The directory is organized by district.


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