Project Leaders

L.A. Street Legal is comprised of a group of auto and motorcycle enthusiast who want to have a safe and controlled environment in the Los Angeles area to enjoy motorsports.   One of the goals of the project is to help reduce illegal street racing in the Los Angeles area.  Another is to educate young drivers about the responsibilities of owning, maintaining, and safely operating a vehicle.  A third is to channel our youths enthusiasm for wheels and motors into marketable skills.

Project Street legal was founded in 2012 by Donald Galaz (National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers), Phil Bowdoin (LAFD, SoCal Challengers), Scott Graham (LASD, LASD Motorsports) and Nate Jones (Nate Jones Tire Co., Long Beach Grand Prix, USS Iowa). Together, they formed a pact to inform local politicians and community leaders about the need to create a dedicated area for motorsport activities that will help reduce the rising fatalities and accidents on the freeways and streets of Los Angeles County.

We went into this project with eyes wide open. Nothing stated as opposition to a track on Terminal Island is new, or news, to us. We've heard it all before. BTW, so did Big Willie Robinson of the National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers. Remember Mayor Sam Yorty's attitude towards motorsports in Los Angeles in the early 60's? His attitude caused Big Willie to support Tom Bradley for Mayor. A little history - "Big Willie became a big supporter of Bradley for one reason. His group loved to do organized drag racing in South Central Los Angeles. But, the overwhelmingly White police force would harass them and arrest them. Willie figured if Bradley were elected, his car club would be left alone." ( It took two tries before Bradley became Mayor, it didn't happen overnight. Was Big Willie able to walk into every meeting and ask for a track and get it? As we all know, the answer to that question is no. Long term goals, strategy and tactics were used. Not comparing ourselves to Big Willie, and wouldn't even try, but we feel that he laid out a road map for anyone willing to take on the challenge of getting a track in Los Angeles. The scenery may have changed, but the map to a track on Terminal Island is the same. We will continue to follow the map, however long it takes.  Thanks for your support. Stay safe. Keep it legal. ‪#‎LAStreetLegal‬.