Our goal is to reopen a safe and controlled environment on Terminal Island to help reduce illegal street racing and accidents in the Los Angeles area.

LATEST NEWS: June 9, 2016 - Project Street Legal Updates

It has been awhile since our group has met for an informal meeting, but we are still actively networking to raise awareness to city officials and the local communities.

Just this week, Phil Bowdoin,Teo Russo and Donald Galaz sat in for an interview with "The Dixie and Betty Show". This was a free online, streaming video broadcast.


Check out the video here



November 14, 2015 Meeting, Eat at Rudy's in Wilmington

Steve Be Cotte, Communnity Outreach Manager from Downtown Long Beach Business Associates has started the process for a Non-profit organization filing. A few familiar people attended along with a couple of new ones. Thank you for attending and voicing information and helping spread  the word. Dave Davis will start assembling a PowerPoint presentation for city and business purposes outlining the basic plan for the desired motorsport facility which may include, autocross, education (vocational and driving), motorcycle training, go-karting etc. But may also include large festivals or concerts which may provide revenue for the city.

Visit the Project Street Legal Facebook page and help spread the word. Irwindale Speedway will be losing its lease and will go month-to-month with no set end date, yet the city of Irwindale will move forward in developing that real estate for shopping purposes.

Stay Safe, Keep it Legal!

PSL 11 15

PSL Rudys



October 17, 2015

Donald Galaz (BSR), Phil Bowdoin (SCC), Steve Be Cotte (DTLBA), Mike Shaknovich, Dawn and Ron Henderson, William Saksa and Dave Davis met to discuss future plans for Project Street Legal. Steve Be Cotte will help organize a plan for a non-profit organization IRS filing. Steve brings a lot of "know-how" with the City of Long Beach channels of networking. Mike is a business owner and a PR person who is familiar with organizing large public events. These are guys that help city officials "see" future potential for the land we desire to use for motorsports and education - or other uses as may be fit.

YOU CAN HELP TOO!   Get involved!  

Our next meeting will be Saturday, November 14th at 1 p.m. at Eat at Rudy's Restaurant in Wilmington. All gearheads welcome who want to open a track on Terminal Island.



September 23, 2015

Donald Galaz (BSR), Phil Bowdoin (SCC) and Steve Be Cotte (DTLBA) met today to discuss possible drag races in Long Beach around the time of the Grand Prix. Lots of details to work out but we're on it.

phil steve



September 1, 2015

Los Angeles city councilman, Joe Buscaino and Mike Bonin addressed the city council with their agenda to have a motion granted and approved for the city to do a cost analysis of police and all emergency personnel that respond or are focused on illegal street racing activities. Those would also include the police task forces set up by the city to curb illegal street racing and related activities such as "sideshows" on freeways and intersections. The possibility or feasibility for the city to have a legal racing event was also brought to the table as an alternative to help curb illegal street racing. Mr. Buscaino mentioned the used of Terminal Island as such a location as a possible permanent location (which is managed by the Port of LA). City officials stated that an event can basically be performed anywhere as long as the organzing group has proper city permits and liability insurances. Tho this motion was approved, there was no set date or deadline for the next step to secure a location to hold a "street racing" event.

Project Street Legal will keep you informed of any progress towards securing a permanent locations as well as a sponored city event.

Spread the word, share this audio file clip of the city meeting. Tell your friends, share on social media and be safe out there!

 L.A. City Public Safety Committee Meeting Audio 9-2015

 street legal motion approved


June 6, 2015

Los Angeles city councilman, Joe Buscaino is working with Compton mayor and Isadore Hall to organize a motorsport event at Compton Airport.


Joe Buscaino


May 2015

We received an email request from Senator Hall's office (SD35) asking for a letter explaining what we are trying to accomplish and what our needs would be for a race day event. Of course, we sent a prompt reply. Just FYI, Senate District 35 contains two airports. Hawthorne Municipal and Compton/Woodley. Hawthorne (elev. 66ft), which is city owned, has a single runway 4,956' X 100' while Compton (elev. 99ft), which is county owned, has two runways, each 3323' X 60'. Stay safe. ‪#‎LAStreetLegal‬

isadore hall

Isadore Hall

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